In KENO, the chances of winning depend on the KENO type. For example, KENO type 3 offers two chances, namely 2 correct and 3 correct. The odds of winning here are 1: 6 and 1: 48. If you also look at the amount of the win, you will see that the different KENO types bring slightly different chances of winning.

It is possible that you will be seduced by the enormous jackpots offered by some online casinos such as Eurojackpot or Lotto Toto. You may have dreamed of winning such a game, but unfortunately the odds of winning such a jackpot in an online casino are a measly 0.35000:1. We can only wish you the best of luck. Keno guaranteed to win is unfortunately not an option and neither is Keno always win!

Every now and then, with a good action in the online casino, you can win without much luck, provided the Keno draw is merciful with us. And yes, always winning at keno and hoping that the keno draw will always be merciful is still utopian, but that does not mean that the situation is hopeless. You can’t run away from these chances in life, otherwise you’re really out of place in the casino.

👉 How can you influence a Keno draw?

Even though it sounds good, keno strategy tips do not exist in the true sense of the word. And trying to calculate probability in keno doesn’t work either. It seems ridiculous to talk about strategy in keno, because all you have to do is pick certain keno numbers. You have no way of influencing the course of the game or the draw, even if you have set up keno statistics and have keno experience. So, as you can see, a strategy in keno is an impossibility.

As for the rest, strategies in keno have nothing in common with those in poker or blackjack. However, there is a way to make your investments more successful and have even more fun. You could almost win at keno all the time!

First, make sure you have looked at the paytable. You need to know that all sites and casinos offer different pay tables. So some are more advantageous than others. By comparing these tables, you can find out which one is most profitable for you. You also need to consider the payout ratio: don’t throw your money out the window!

👉 What is the right number combination for Keno and Lotto?

Again, this is gambling and therefore there is no one number combination that will definitely win you. Instead, you can place any number and have very similar chances of winning. However, there are a few calculations that show that some numbers occur more often than others.

However, at least one of these strategies may prove effective: If you choose one of the numbers that are drawn frequently, there is always the possibility that a mistake has been made and the numbers are no longer drawn at random. This case is very unlikely, but should it occur you must not hesitate and you should be ready: You could win large amounts of money. We hope that the strategies in this article will help you. After all, we all want the best chances of winning at keno.

👉 Which keno type is the best for a live keno draw?

Working keno tricks are not many. However, we know that mathematically it is best to play type 3 because there your expected win is over 50% of the bet. Only type 9 is also over 50%, but slightly lower.

No matter how many Dollars you bet, your contribution will take you furthest if you play type 3. In online keno, this is exactly the same and also more efficient than Lotto 6aus49. Keep in mind, however, that the winning numbers are drawn directly when you play online and you have to wait for the Lotto draw for that. However, this also eliminates the joy of paying your 5 dollars, filling out the ticket and waiting until the provider draws his numbers. However, please do not forget: The information here is without guarantee.

Meanwhile, the odds are mostly the same and depend on the keno type. You cannot expect to always win exclusively in casino keno, but at the same time the probability of winning is high enough to justify playing keno. Take your chance, play the right winning class and gamble as you like after signing up at the online casino. Your playing time is not limited, on the contrary: the lottery always runs if you show responsibility when playing and if you take our tip to heart.

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