Be that as it may, keno is known everywhere as a particularly inexpensive game. The chances of winning at keno are low, but on the other hand the player can be sure that a game of keno will never bring him to financial ruin.

👉 How does a game of keno work and what do you have to bear in mind?

Keno is a lottery game in which you have to purchase and fill out a ticket before the draw. In online casinos, these tickets can be purchased digitally and then the draws take place online.

In both land-based and online casinos, the player must purchase tickets at the cashier. The tickets are sometimes valid for multiple rounds of keno. In a terrestrial casino, the player then goes to a keno machine. In an online casino, he can access the keno game of his choice with just a few clicks. In both cases, the draw result is displayed on one or more screens, as in other lotteries.

If it is the official Lotto Keno, the draw takes place once a day. Once the draw is over, or during it, players can compare the winning numbers. Those who win can collect their winnings. Those who play online get the money credited directly to their player account and can have it transferred to their regular account.

👉 Can you follow the official Keno draws live on the internet or are the numbers simply published?

The official Keno draw always takes place at 7:10 pm and is broadcast on the Keno page. Players can also find all the information about the next broadcasts there. If you have missed a draw, you can watch the draw afterwards and compare the numbers.

In addition, the latest results are presented on the website. Playing at the official Keno Lottery makes sense because everything is clear and orderly. We recommend this site to those players who mainly play regularly and want to have everything in view. Those who only want to play keno from time to time are better off in the casino. There, especially those players benefit from keno who get an inspiration spontaneously. In the casino you don’t have to wait until 19:10 because on the platforms Keno runs all day.

Keno can be played online daily, resulting in regular payouts. With this Chinese game, you don’t necessarily have to wait for the Keno lottery draw, but can also play in the casino with good odds. The chance that your picks are correct is relatively high in the long run, no matter which ticket you have drawn. At this point, we would also like to mention that you can further increase your chances with a bonus.

What exactly are the keno types in this game?

A keno type describes how many numbers you choose on the play slip. If you choose four numbers, you play with keno type 4.

New players who are confronted with keno for the first time sometimes wonder. What is meant by keno types? At first, many think that it means the game variants. For example, keno on the official lottery site or keno in the casino. No, keno types are not the different versions of the game, but tell you which winning plan it is. The type is decided in each case when the number of numbers is determined. If you bet on 9 numbers, it is the keno type 9, if you bet on 7 numbers, it would be the keno type 7. Because here you basically have chances of winning the jackpot. Otherwise, you should always choose between 4 and 8 numbers. This is your best bet and gives you the best chances of winning. If you guess 10 out of 20 numbers, you will of course also enjoy a mega win here. However, if you guess 10 numbers and only one of them wins, you will still make a loss in the worst case.

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