We play for fun, but when we place a bet, we also hope to take home a lot of money. Betting on live events requires a different approach to pre-match betting. That’s why we thought it necessary to collect some basic tips and strategies to apply to this game mode.

1. Analyse statistics, health and team trends

When playing live you need to be well prepared for the sport and event you are playing. Timing is crucial in order to be able to seize the right moment and the highest odds. Before the match, find out all the statistics that will help you. In particular, try to understand the state of form of the teams or players involved in the match. In this way, you can predict the trends of the matches, possible drops in form or the ability of the opponents to make comebacks.

2. Monitoring game situations and learning how to interpret them

Knowledge of game dynamics is the basis of every live bettor’s experience. Matches often take place following recurring developments, determined by the athletic abilities and psychological state of the players. Every sport also has different dynamics, which can lead to opposite developments. Get to know the game situations that can lead a match to turn one way rather than another through knowledge of the dynamics.

3. Placing a cover bet in real time

One of the great advantages of live betting is that you can correct your wrong predictions during a match. Many bettors place a cover bet after the match has already started, which allows them to protect themselves against losses. This takes a mathematical approach. If you have pre-match bets on the favourite team and they always take the lead, play to hedge on the other team’s double chance X2, which will then have very attractive odds.

4. Betting on the number of goals scored in the last 15 minutes

A category of markets that can be very satisfying for live players, as an alternative to the classic 1X2 or Double Chance, is the one related to goals scored. There are many types of bets in this category, from the classic Under/Over to Team to Score Next Goal. Always keep in mind that, statistics wise, most goals are scored in the last 15 minutes of a football match and therefore the market Goals in the last 15 minutes can always be a wise choice to play live.

The mistakes to avoid when betting live

The approach to live betting is usually necessarily different to that of pre-match or ante-post betting. This type of betting does not allow the bettor to think clearly and coolly: you usually only have a few seconds to find a good price and place your bet. So don’t make the mistake of thinking too much about what you’re going to do. If you’ve prepared well for a match and studied it in great detail, trust your instincts and place your bet straight away, otherwise you might regret a hefty haul.

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