If there were, we wouldn’t even be talking about gambling anymore and betting would lose its meaning. 

Some tips for winning tennis bets

Is there a way to win tennis bets? If there were, we wouldn’t even be able to talk about gambling anymore and betting would lose its meaning. But let’s put it this way: there are some sensible steps you can take to make sure that a losing bet is as infrequent as possible. We have listed them below. 

  • Carefully study the players’ statistics and their state of form.
  • Consider the surface on which the tournament you want to bet on is played.
  • Carefully analyse the head-to-head history of the players.
  • Live betting is an idea, e.g. for betting on tennis players with strong serves.
  • Bet on smaller tournaments and not only on Grand Slams.

Adopt an appropriate budget management strategy

Taking these simple but useful tips into consideration, which we also go into in more detail in our tennis betting tips guide, will certainly allow you to bet on the sport of Sinner and Nadal with more preparation and with some more chance of success, in order to take advantage of the competitive odds that the best tennis betting sites offer fans.

A bet as powerful as a smash with the best tennis bookies

In the many tests and analyses we have carried out on the bookmakers operating to find the best tennis betting sites, Eurobet is the operator that has impressed us the most for this sport. In contrast to the search for the best bookmaker for football, its offer is a cut above the competition. The events available on the bookmaker’s portal are endless and it is impossible to find better. The odds are often among the highest in circulation for both major and lesser known tournaments. Not bad either is the proposal of types of bets on live tennis. However, this does not mean that there is a lack of valid alternatives. If the operators on this page have not convinced you, we are sure that you will find the right betting site for you on our home page.

Markets to bet on

In tennis, the most common bet is on the winner of the match, but nowadays there are far more opportunities for players. You can place money on the player who will score the next point or who will be able to finish the match with more aces than their opponent. These are just a few examples of the many types of tennis bets that can be found on online betting sites. Obviously, some bookmakers have more to offer than others, and if predicting the winner of a match is not enough for you, but you like “creative” bets, then sign up with the bookmaker that offers the most markets.

Special promotions and tennis bonuses

The betting bonuses that the various bookies offer their users are a factor that can make all the difference, especially for beginners who want to take full advantage of the offers. Let’s say right away that compared to football, there are slightly fewer initiatives on offer. However, this does not mean that there are none.

Especially on the occasion of the most important tournaments, such as those of the Grand Slam, there are many operators who think of specific bonuses and always new. It is common to find special promotions on multiples or refunds on lost bets. In order to have a general overview of all the bonuses offered by the best betting sites, we advise you to visit the page that we have reserved for the topic in question. Always keep in mind that you can use the usual offers of the bookmakers for your tennis bets, including the deposit bonus and the refund bonus.

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