Card games have been man’s companions for over a thousand years. Of course, there have been differences, changes and advances of all kinds, including the type of material the cards were made of. But the concept of card playing continues.

The creation of systems of rules and rewards led to the creation of many different modes, many of which are even played professionally to this day and bring food into many people’s homes.

But there are also the leisure players, who use card games as a hobby and for moments of fun, either with friends, family, or even strangers. 

The names of the playing cards

According to some rumours, the face of the cards in the deck decks were created and designed by members of the French manufacturing to represent some historical and religious figures. Check them out:

  • King of Hearts: Charlemagne, the first emperor of the Holy Roman Empire
  • King of Diamonds: Julius Cesar, one of the most famous leaders of ancient Rome
  • King of Clubs: Alexander the Great, king of the ancient Greek Empire
  • King of Swords: David, biblical reference also known as King David
  • Queen of Spades: Pallas, the other name of Athena, Greek goddess of war
  • Queen of Hearts: Judith, biblical reference
  • Queen of Diamonds: Rachel, another biblical reference
  • Queen of Wands: Argine, an anagram of Regina, which means “queen” in Latin

Counting cards

Card counting is one of the best known strategies to get along in sports, like Blackjack, for example.

But there is also a mallet that helps in card counting, which concerns how to memorize.

For example, for the 4 suits there is a relationship with the seasons of the northern hemisphere. And within the 52 cards of the deck are the 52 weeks.

The suit of Diamonds is constantly related to spring, Clubs to summer, Hearts to autumn and finally Swords to winter.

There are also those who link the 13 cards of each suit with the lunar months, according to our planet count. All to make the card game easier to memorise.

The best house of cards

For some years now, American designer and architect Bryan Berg has held the record for the world’s largest playing card construction. At the time, he built a replica of the famous Venetian Macao Resort Hotel casino in Macau, China.

Recorded by the Guinness Book of Records, it took him 44 days and over 218,000 cards, without using glue or tape. And there, do you want to try the challenge of surpassing him?

The Joker or the Joker

Joker card, close-up

This mysterious card, which inspired the name of the famous villain of the superhero Batman, has its value varied according to the game.

Created to be the card of highest value, in many games it has become the card of lowest value, of variable value, or even of no value at all.

But it is still represented in all decks around the world, often featuring picturesque figures and even sending shivers down the spine of players.

Playing cards against a robot

With the popularization of the internet, you no longer depend on another person or persons to be able to have fun with card games. Machines can take you on, in order to have a fair and healthy competition, like at Bodog Casino, where there are games of Baccarat, Video Poker, Blackjack and many others.

What’s more, the internet is helping to break down physical barriers and bringing players together from all over the world. At Bodog Poker, for example, you can play incredible tournaments against players from all over the world and win huge jackpots.

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