Considered a simple game. Blackjack has spanned hundreds of years and is still one of the most sought after casino games in the world.

There are many stories surrounding blackjack… And now we will tell you some of them and tell you what is true and what is fanciful.

The Martingale System is foolproof

Lie. There is no infallible mathematical system in games of chance because, although the knowledge of the game strategies can change the course of the results, the randomness exists and proves to us that it is not possible to have control over it!

For those who do not know, the Martingale system considers that the player should double his bet every time he loses a round. The strategy predicts that in the long run the player would recover all his losses, plus the value of the initial bet.

Miguel de Cervantes described blackjack in one of his works

Truth. The first historical record of blackjack in literature was in a work by Miguel de Cervantes called Rinconete y Cortadillo. The book mentions a game called “veintiuna”.

Players must count cards in blackjack

Lie. Card counting is impossible in an online game, and is an extremely frowned upon practice in every casino in the world. It also subjects the player to expulsion.

Who doesn’t remember the casino security guards removing the card counters in scenes from Breaking the Bank?

The place chosen at the table is paramount to victory

Lie. According to legend, the decision made by the player who sits to the right of the dealer can interfere with all the results of the table, which is a lie, because there is no way to predict what card the dealer will draw next.

Blackjack was Frank Sinatra’s favourite game

True. And the singer was so passionate about casino gaming that he was a shareholder in the Sands Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

On one occasion, Sinatra duelled with a champion of 21 and promised him a job at the casino. Should he beat Sinatra. The young man beat the singer and won the job as promised!

Blackjack is an easy game

True. However, blackjack is a game of strategy! Anyone can add up the value of their hand in the round, but you need to know what to do with the cards after they are dealt and added up!

Any skilled player will tell you that winning at blackjack requires a lot more knowledge than luck.

There is a blacklist in Las Vegas casinos

True. The “blacklist” keeps the names of all players caught trying to cheat in some way, such as card counting for example. People who have their names included on this list are banned from playing in Nevada casinos.

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