Pre-conference workshops will be held on Tuesday 3 September 2019 at the State Library of Queensland.

Please note, you must be registered to attend the conference to purchase workshop tickets. Registration for the workshops can be done via the main registration site. Delegates who have already registered for the conference will be notified with a registration link shortly.

Each workshop has a limited capacity and attendance will be allocated in booking order. When a workshop is fully booked, a wait list facility will be available. Please see further details about each workshop below.

$50 AUD* per half day workshop, inclusive of lunch.
($34.61 USD)

*All Prices are in Australian Dollars, inc GST. Based on conversion rates of May 2019

Workshop Session 1: 9.00am – 12.30pm, Tuesday 3 September 2019

Workshop 1A: Creating open-ended design thinking experiences in a walk-up public maker/tinker space
How do you encourage visitors to practice design thinking in your maker or tinker space? This interactive workshop explores SparkLab’s Maker Space programs and how we can empower the visitor to practice design in a welcoming and creative walk-up environment. Delegates will participate in a series of design thinking exercises and receive activity documentation to build on for your own centres.

Facilitator: Dylan Barker, Queensland Museum & SparkLab Learning Officers, Queensland Museum
Capacity: 40 participants

Please click here for further information regarding this workshop and facilitator.

Workshop 1B: Saturated Play – a disruptive approach to exhibits, queues and diversity in museums and science centres
A lively participatory workshop. Working in small groups (5-8) teams will create games/playful activities to attract new collaborators and visitors to an imagined project. This workshop, led by game makers and social activists, is designed to encourage organisations to innovate and embrace change.

Facilitators: Kate Kneale & Richard Houghton, HKD, United Kingdom, Shivani Singhal, Dharohar, India & Dr Bryce Kositz, AFHEA, Australia
Please bring: Curiosity and a view that museums and science centres will benefit from being more diverse and inclusive.
Capacity: 30 participants

Please click here for further information regarding this workshop and facilitators.

Workshop 1C: Creating new science exhibitions – working with fabricators & designers
This workshop targets those that are new to the planning of science centre exhibitions. With the growing demand of more STEM exhibitions and activities worldwide, many are joining science centres with background from other areas. Science centre exhibitions have unique characteristics that are not common to trade and non-science museum exhibitions. The workshop will cover, with hands-on exercises, areas that can easily be overlooked, different types of contract with fabricators and designers, project time frame, preparation of contracts, important parts in the contracts, what should and should not be expected, cost control and potential area of failures.

Facilitators: CK Yip, Independent, Hong Kong
Capacity: 24 participants

Workshop Session 2: 1.30pm – 5.00pm, Tuesday 3 September 2019

Workshop 2A: Level up! Science show workshop
Science shows are a powerful platform to communicate science to large groups through live demonstrations, characters, humour, emotional engagement and audience interaction. Be part of this workshop to discover some (we hope!) new and unusual demonstrations and learn how to blend these key ingredients and cook up an edu-taining science performance.

This workshop is suitable for science communicators/educators/science show or program curators or staff aiming to develop and apply new skills in these areas.People new to these areas with these responsibilities in their centres are particularly encouraged to participate.

Facilitators: Dr Graham Walker, Australian National University, and Revathy Dasan, Science Centre Singapore
Capacity: 30 participants

Workshop 2B: Petrosains design thinking process appetiser workshop
In an increasingly volatile, and ambiguous world, addressing the problems of today and tomorrow require new tools and approaches. With disruption and disorder rewriting the rules of the game, Design Thinking is a tool of increasing value and promise.

The Petrosains Design Thinking Process (PDTP) workshop is a tool, used to problem solve via actionable and tangible solutions. It’s a human-centric, iterative process that uses the strength of multi-disciplinary teams and co-creative processes to rethink products, services, and processes. The PDTP workshop also draws from the strengths of scientific and creative thinking, providing a more accessible Design Thinking for all.

Facilitators: Foo Huey Chyun & Nensirati Supahan, Petrosains, Malaysia
Capacity: 20 participants