MC – Dr Jonathan Webb

Dr Jonathan Webb is a science journalist and broadcaster, currently working as Science Editor at the ABC. He hails from Adelaide but spent a decade of his early career in the UK, where he earned a PhD from Oxford by studying obscure but fascinating details of how the brain processes sound. After leaving the lab to pursue journalism, Jonathan worked as a science reporter for BBC News, covering everything from brains to bosons. He has live-blogged a comet landing, asked silly questions inside a hadron collider, and broadcast live from under a tablecloth at a chemistry conference. In 2016 Jonathan returned to Australia to run the ABC’s science unit, where he is lucky enough to manage a team of Australia’s very best science journalists – working across radio, podcasts and the web. He is a passionate advocate for specialist science reporting and appears regularly on-air, including on RN Breakfast with Fran Kelly.

Keynote – Dr Matt Finch

Matt Finch is a writer, strategist, and public engagement specialist who helps people to find good ideas and turn them into reality.
In addition to serving as the State Library of Queensland’s first ever Creative in Residence, he has spoken in the British and Australian Parliaments, and serves as a facilitator on the Scenarios Programme at Oxford University’s Saïd Business School. His practice combines futures and foresight work with public participatory games and challenges for institutions and communities. See more at

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